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Thank you for sharing post WWII story in a different way but with a clear message of PEACE...
(Joseph, Philippines 11.2.2009 )

Спасибо за очень интересную страничку! Несмотря на весь трагизм ситуации, в которой очутился автор рисунков, он сумел вложить немало юмора в свои работы и мне это очень понравилось.
Thanks for very interesting page! Despite all tragic element of a situation in which the author of drawings has come to be, he has managed to enclose a lot of humour in the works and it very much was pleasant to me.
(Виктор, Israel 9.5.2009 )

Dear Mr. Kiuchi Masato, Your website is very touching and exciting! I am Irek Sabitov, a Russian journalist. My co-author is Bill Streifer from the USA. We are researching an American B-29 that was shot down by Soviet fighters over Hungnam on August 29, 1945. The crew was then interned at the Konan POW camp in Hungnam for 18 days, where they met Australian and British POWs as well as Russian soldiers and high-ranking Soviet officers. (The website has photos of the American crew, Allied POWs, Russians, and the camp.) We are preparing a publication now on this event. One of supposed explanation of downing an Ally plane by the Soviet fighters is that the Russians wanted to keep the American military from discovering a suspected Japanese nuclear facility in the area. From your website, we knew that your father Kiuchi Nobuo was at the Hungnam camp soon after the Hog Wild incident. We would like to ask Mr. Kiuchi Nobuo a couple questions on some details of his stay in the Hungnam camp. Can we hope that you will help us to contact with your father? Sincerely yours, Irek Sabitov. God bless your family!
(Irek Sabitov, Russia 8.20.2009 )

(ryo 2009年5月31日)

(ryo 2009年5月24日)

I find this site when i comb through about Japanese prisoners of war 1904-1905... I really happy that i find this site. It's good information that you gave there. I am not goog in english, and start to learn Japanese language some about two weeks ago... But i want to say:チ鸙鮱 髀瑜葹遏 Big thanks! Arigato Gozaimasu!
(Eugene Isakov, Russian Federation 5.4.2009 )

i'm so touched with your father's story. truely he is a great man that survived in pow camp. i hope god will always bless him, japan, and whole world in the future.
(binsar adrian, Indonesia 4.4.2009 )

I've read all of this note. I really like it! and the pics too. so funny! loll. hope Kiuchi Nobuo san and his family fine there.
(delima putri, Indonesia 3.29.2009 )

Всегда любил Японию. После прочтения рассказа полюбил ещё сильнее,если это возможно. Оптимизм и вера в лучшее сохранило жизнь этому человеку, я думаю мне есть чему у него поучиться.
(Wladimir, Russia, Murmansk 3.8.2009 )

To Kiuchi Nobuo, Hello. My name is Kyle Nappi. I am 18 years old and I live in Ostrander, Ohio. I am a senior at Buckeye Valley High School in Delaware, Ohio. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I have a big interest in history, specifically WWII. I collect military medals, patches, badges, insignia, field gear, and a very unique thing, veteran autographs. I have a scrapbook collection of autographs from military veterans who served during WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the present war in Iraq. It would truly be an honor if I could add your autograph to my collection because you are a WWII Japanese soldier. I have been interested in history for over 7 years now, and I have collected the autographs and stories from nearly 2,000 veterans in 20 countries. The oldest veteran is currently 112 years old and the youngest enlisted at age 14. I have autographs from Pearl Harbor survivors, D-Day veterans, airman, POWs, the last WWI veterans, generals, U.S. Presidents, USS Indianapolis survivors, Holocaust survivors, and even German soldiers! I was recently interviewed by the American Legion for an article that appeared in their August magazine. Here is an internet link to the online article: There have been several other people have taken the time to post my request online and in newspapers. There are too many for me to list, but if you go to Google or Yahoo and search 適yle Nappiyou can find most of them. Recently, I also had the privilege of going to Washington, D.C. during the early part of March. I was invited to the Pentagon for a Ceremony honoring WWI veterans. I was able to meet with the last American WWI veteran, Frank Buckles. I would like to add your autograph to my collection, along with some information regarding your WWII experiences. I was wondering if you could write a brief outline as to your military service and your experiences during WWII. If you would write back, along with some information about your military experiences, it would be greatly appreciated. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for me. It would truly be an honor if I could add your autograph to my collection along with some information about your military service. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Kyle Nappi
(Kyle Nappi, USA 1.29.2009 )

I really appreciated this web site: the best message for a durable peace to all the people of the Earth... thanks, Kiuchi San!
(Enrico Simonetta, Italy 1.13.2009 )

(花田 2009年1月11日)

Good luck to you and your father :))
(Kien, Vietnam 11.29.2008 )

(かわ 2008年11月23日)

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