By the end of World War II about 600 thousand Japanese soldiers and officers have been held captive in thousands of prison camps on a territory, stretched from Kamchatka in the East, across Urals to European part of USSR in the West and Yenisei Basin in the North.
The History Chapters not only hold Japanese Army sound victories but also atrocities of defeat that I intend to tell about to the new generation. I decided to draw these pictures in memory of those of my comrades-in-arms, who were not destined to return home..

Kiuchi Nobuo, retired Air Corps

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Prison camp detention

By the end of World War II Japanese army consisted of half of military command units and volunteers and half of conscripted civilians, total amount to 6 million men. Soon after Potsdam Declaration and surrender of discretion the Quantun Army in Manchuria(North-East of China) was marooned by Soviet forces. Soundly defeated, all of the Japanese forces have been captured by August 9, 1945. After that about 600 thousand disarmed Japanese soldiers and officers, selected to deport to USSR, have been transported to detention camps in Manchuria and North Korea.
Guarded Japanese prisoners of war were deported to prison camps in Soviet Union, to work to death. We believe that the better half of Siberian prison camps were Japanese POWs.

The "My detention story" map with marked essential camps.

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My Detention Story
Camps of twenty thousands prisoners
Camps of ten thousand prisoners
Camps of one thousand prisoners
Small camps

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"A Song about Japanese soldiers, interned by Soviet Union, depicted in their albums" author and performer: Kenichi Kamio

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